Behavioriks Psychology of Marketing

Learn about the mechanisms of influencing people to become efficient persuader, able to resist manipulation and increase the area of your influences

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Dream Body

Dream Body Psychology of Body

Learn how to manage your body to increase the level of your vitality, be fit and healthy

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Lead Train Inspire

Lead Train Inspire Psychology of Leadership

Become a charismatic leader able to reach the minds and hearts of your audience. Lead your team
using the most efficient management tools

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Millions and Dragons

Millions and Dragons Psychology of Business

Think like great businessmen do. Use proven models of running business successfully

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Mixed Mental Arts

Mixed Mental Arts Psychology of Change

Improve your potential and solve your professional and personal problems using the most important coaching, mentoring and consulting tools.

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Relations Bootcamp

Relations Bootcamp Psychology of Relations

Learn about the methods of aware communication in your relationship and family, build special relations based on love and self-development.

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Success and Change

Success and Change Psychology of Achievements

Learn about the most efficient techniques of achieving your private and professional goals and make sure that you are permanently happy and satisfied!

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Technologies of Mindfulness

Technologies of Mindfulness Psychology of Awareness

Learn how to go beyond your ego. Regain your energy and peace of mind. Search the deep

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