Relations Bootcamp

Psychology of Relations

Relations Bootcamp

Learn about the methods of aware communication in your relationship and family, build special relations based on love and self-development.

How long you will live, how healthy you will be and how much you will earn – all these things depend on your relations

Polish society, focused on material achievements, doesn’t care much about personal and family fulfillment. This is why managers and businessmen having professional problems are quite surprised having heard the question: ‘And how are your family matters? Is everything fine?’

How is it possible that some problems in our relationship or family affect our professional achievements?

Yes, they do! Just look at the statistics:

  • Conflicts with our partners cause eighty percent of our phobias. They may be followed by serious illnesses and financial problems. They also affect all the other areas of our life, not only the professional one covering more than one-third of our time
  • Lack of conversation is a bug affecting every second family in your neighborhood. One third of cases lead to divorce (followed by financial expenses, emotional problems and lower efficiency)
  • Every second person is unable to talk to their partners, almost all of us have problems communicating with our workmates. Business means relations and relations mean business.
  • Every second person is unable to talk to their partners, almost all of us have problems communicating with our workmates. Business means relations and relations mean business.
  • And there are still the ones we love most: our children. They are part of our conflicts, suffering emotionally, they become anxious, their self-esteem gets damaged and they become aggressive.

It is time to forget about these frightening numbers!

Join our thirty-days long process which will lead you to healthy relations. You will meet the right person or you will learn how to talk to your partner about your needs. You will start relations with proper people, correct the mistakes you made in your relationship, you will strengthen your family bonds and finally… you will end your workplace conflicts making yourself and the ones you love happier people.

Day 1
Module 1 Introduction: ten rules of Psychology of Relations – this is the moment of the greatest relief and the huge ‘Oh, really?!’ effect as you will be finally given the ready recipe telling you how to deal with such dynamic issues like interpersonal relations. Specific and logical frames don’t exclude spontaneity but they will surely increase your happiness.
Module 2 Relationship building stages: attraction, relationship, playing boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s roles, building community, living together, having a baby – these stages change your mutual relations as the roles you play are different too. This module will show you that these changes don’t have to mean losing something as they may make your life even more amazing.
Module 3-4 EMS in relations: having defined your roles precisely (Partner, Child, Parent, Lover, Free Time Manager) you will be able to manage them properly. That means that you will never forget about your free time, you will stop playing your partner’s ‘mother’ or ‘father’ and none of your individual and mutual needs will ever be neglected again.
Day 2
Module 1 Systemic against individual perception. Looking at your real relations from your individual point of view make you see them differently than if you look at them from the family member’s point of view. Both these perspectives affect your behaviors, communication patterns and decisions you make. In this module you will learn how to
deal with them properly.
Module 2-4 EMS in your family: define the scale of your needs related to the family matters. Finish the arguments you had with your parents and other relatives, forget about your resistance and shame of being criticized. Start talking awarely about what you feel, what bothers you; don’t let the others to decide for you. Use this tool to make sure that every family member’s needs will be expressed and fulfilled which will bring the harmony back to your relations.
Day 3
Module 1 Conflicts management: it is not possible to remove conflicts from your relationship and family for good but it is possible to turn your approach into the better one. You will learn about the types and reasons of conflicts. You will also learn how to solve them and manage them (solving, minimizing their frequency and intensity, avoiding them, learning from them, communication during conflict).
Module 2 Code of communication rules – your difficult conversations won’t be difficult anymore. You will find out that so called ‘male and female issues’ are perfectly understandable for both sides. When it comes to logistic matters (like moving out) you will start working as a team, your partner will always feel listened by you and your conversations will become passionate and meaningful.
Module 3 The levels of your relationship bonds. There are seven of them: logistics, finances, emotions, problems solving, common plans and ambition, emotions (love, passion, spontaneity, creativity, self-realization, sexuality, vision, changing the world together, transcendence). Learn how to function at these levels’ full extent to make your relationship fuller and fulfill your needs more efficiently.
Module 4 Ten Rules of Psychology of Achievements. You will be given specific instruction regarding what you should or shouldn’t do to achieve frequent and complete successes combined with ready solutions telling you how to implement it into your life.

You will build
You will build

aware and passionate relationship

healthy and harmonious family relations

your child’s wise and strong personality

You will forget about
You will forget about

long-lasting conflicts

any dissonance

feeling misunderstood, bored and burnt-out

You will strengthen
You will strengthen

Your passion, love and happiness

the quality of your mutual conversations

relations with the ones you love.

Brand new twenty-seven days long e-learning

Starting right after the end of our three days long stationary training

  • You will create the habits and successfully implement everything you have learned during the training - and even more! 
  • You will go through about twenty minutes long daily training sessions with Mateusz Grzesiak
  • You will receive professionally recorded videos with Mateusz Grzesiak describing different exercises or presenting them on his guests
  • You will use the matrices attached to the videos – you will fill them to implement your new skills, step by step.
Networking – gain your business value

Gain new business contacts you will use to find your future employees, partners or customers… during the training.

You will use networking: moderated information and contacts exchange between the participants of the training – this group has enormous business potential with several representatives of different companies present during each of our training sessions.

It means meeting dozens of new people able to help you now or later!

Profits of networking:

  • Your business database will be increased according to the rules of networking
  • You will take part in the networking game to gain optimal amount of information and contacts
  • You will learn how to use your contacts and convince them to support you with their recommendations
  • You will receive networking list allowing you to contact all the people taking part in networking.


  • For families – all the changes are easiest to implement if all the members speak the same language which is what you will learn during this training. Your profits (including financial ones) will be fullest if all of you will learn about precious things, enjoying your time together.
  • For couples – this training will totally change your relationship. And learning together (about how you can improve your relationship) will make your bonds even stronger ! For people trying to find proper work-life balance – all the mental work will be done during the training and the new quality of planning and changing will be implemented within twenty-seven days since the end of the stationary part of the course 
  • For people trying to solve their relationship and family conflicts and being desperate to avoid them in the future. Most of the conflicts will be solved during the stationary part of the training. Being aware of the mechanisms hidden behind them should be enough to look at each other smiling
  • For people who have just reached their lives’ turning points: first baby, new job, breaking up, one of the partners’ spectacular success, etc. You will learn about the examinations able to calm you down giving you specific information about how to deal with such situation. Being aware that you are not the only one experiencing something like this and there are proven methods how to deal will it, will bring you genuine relief.
  • For people trying to strengthen their relationship and family bonds. There are many things seeming to be spontaneous (like romantic moments, love, desire, wordless communication) while actually there is hard work required to make them happen. Proper attitude combined with using proven (sometimes spontaneous) methods will give you
  • what you have been missing for so long
  • For people trying to find satisfying balance between their individual, relationship and family needs – this is just like managing a company but this time your individual and mutual happiness is the currency.
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