Success and Change

Psychology of Achievements

Success and Change

Learn about the most efficient techniques of achieving your private and professional goals and make sure that you are permanently happy and satisfied!

Achieving goals is an art you may master.

But before it happens you should learn about three steps you must take to implement the behaviors which will make special achievements habitual and available.

  1. First you will be always able to define your destination precisely – I will give you psychological tools to plan your future. It is important as it decides if the direction you have chosen will be coherent with you. If it won’t - your actions may once again be just the flash in the pan without any satisfaction and happiness.
  2. Second: you will build a vehicle able to get you there – it is your personality and the techniques you will use to build it, then strengthen and improve. You will learn how to choose the right vehicle for this journey and prepare it professionally. You will also learn how you can modify this vehicle during the ride to use its full power.
  3. Third: you will get ready for your journey and you will always draw right conclusions to keep yourself steering into right direction. Following the most efficient of ways, you will learn how to model… the skills which are most crucial for you. You will choose the person who achieves the goals you are interested in and who does it most efficiently. You will build the model of this person’s success and implement it into your life.
All the steps will be presented to you during the stationary part of our training. Then, within twenty-seven days since its end, Mateusz Grzesiak will be with you to help you start your journey toward outstanding achievements.

Day 1
Module 1 Ten rules of Psychology of Achievements. You will receive specific instruction about what you should and what you shouldn’t do to achieve frequent and full successes combined with ready solutions about how to implement them in your life.
Module 2 Defining your vision and mission: to gain the greatest source of your enormous motivation. Here you will find the superior goals for the roles you play in your life (Boss, Parent, Company-Owner, Child, etc.) which will help you to look clearly into your desired future knowing you will be able to reach them. 
Module 3 Goals planning rules: you will set your goals for each of your important life roles to stop neglecting any of them (its effect may be for example personal happiness combined with permanent lack of money - or vice versa) and regain a healthy balance
Module 4 Managing your life roles: you will adapt your roles to your goals. It means switching on the highest gear of your efficiency and getting the best and most permanent results.
Day 2
Module 1-2 Building your synergistic personality. Get rid of the restricting thinking patterns you have been given by your family and culture. Abandon the beliefs restricting you and build your own personality based on your plans, dreams and standards – create yourself!
Module 3 Implementing your new ‘Self’ into life. The matrix will not only tell you who you become - it will also tell you about who you should stop being. It will give you a huge boost to start working toward creating the reality you have chosen
Module 4 Measuring progress and receiving feedback: You will use tools you need to be sure that you will never be wrong again while assessing reality. You will set yourself free from repeating the same mistakes and you will learn as quickly as you have never been learning before.
Day 3
Module 1 Defining required resources: You will learn about matrix which will keep you 100 percent sure that you take into account all the resources you need to achieve your vision. You will stop wasting your time waiting until you find solutions as these solutions should have been with you since the beginning.
Module 2 Choosing the source of knowledge: You will learn how to choose the best possible teacher able to teach you how to achieve your vision, how to choose the most useful material from among the information chaos and how to implement them immediately.
Module 3 Building a model based on verbal-behavioral matrix. You will gain the most efficient tool to learn the skills from the best specialists in the world. It will shorten the time of your learning by half.
Module 4 Implementation – building the habits. You will learn how to implement certain skill into your life turning it into effortless habit.
Week 1
  • Success measuring tools
  • Motivational techniques I
  • Motivational techniques II
  • Motivational techniques III
  • Five feedback techniques
  • Modal operators
  • Three different thinking styles: deductive, abductive and inductive
Week 2
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • Changing point of view
  • Retrospective planning
  • Propulsion system
  • Twenty techniques of time management
  • Habits (theory)
  • Changing the habits
Week 3
  • Hierarchy of values
  • Avoiding sabotages
  • Defining your goals properly
  • Modelling based on written text
  • Six stages of modelling
  • Walt Disney’s strategy (planning)
  • Time management theory – three timelines
Week 4
  • Levels of modelling
  • Perspective in modelling
  • Strategy of geniuses
  • Modelling our own success
  • Live modelling techniques
  • Four basic rules of modelling


your personal efficiency

the pace of completing your goals

the level of skills related to achieving our goals


obstacles you have been struggling with for so long

your inner limits

stagnation, hesitation, chaos and lack of motivation


specific Psychology of Achievement tools

knowledge regarding psychological mechanisms

the better version of yourself

Brand new twenty-seven days long e-learning

Starting right after the end of our three days long stationary training

  • You will create the habits and successfully implement everything you have learned during the training - and even more! 
  • You will go through about twenty minutes long daily training sessions with Mateusz Grzesiak
  • You will receive professionally recorded videos with Mateusz Grzesiak describing different exercises or presenting them on his guests
  • You will use the matrices attached to the videos – you will fill them to implement your new skills, step by step.
Networking – gain your business value

Gain new business contacts you will use to find your future employees, partners or customers… during the training.

You will use networking: moderated information and contacts exchange between the participants of the training – this group has enormous business potential with several representatives of different companies present during each of our training sessions.

It means meeting dozens of new people able to help you now or later!

Profits of networking:

  • Your business database will be increased according to the rules of networking
  • You will take part in the networking game to gain optimal amount of information and contacts
  • You will learn how to use your contacts and convince them to support you with their recommendations
  • You will receive networking list allowing you to contact all the people taking part in networking.


  • For people trying to achieve their goals more efficiently in each area of their lives
  • For employees, managers and businessmen
  • For people who want to combine their material success with the feeling of selfrealization, harmony and happiness
  • For people who want to combine their successful private life with professional and financial success
  • For people facing crucial life choices
  • For people who reached their lives’ turning points
  • For people trying to achieve their work-life balance and increase their personal efficiency
  • For everyone interested in efficient tools Psychology of Achievement may offer
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