Technologies of Mindfulness

Psychology of Awareness

Technologies of Mindfulness

Learn how to go beyond your ego. Regain your energy and peace of mind. Search the deep

Modern minds are overloaded…

…and so is Yours. Bombed with unwanted messages, deceived by the mass of incentives, rushing all the time as there is still so much to do.  Sometimes there are doubts you feel so you find it hard to make a move… And you still must hurry up – no wonder that you may lose your control.

Slow down…

Living so intensively, having so many personal and professional obligations, you may forget what is the actual meaning of all these things. You must be this, you must be that, you must be… someone! Someone better, richer, more acceptable, more beautiful, someone amazing. Blindly believing in what they say you lose the contact with your true self. You get stuck at the stage of ‘successful’ life having no idea where you should go next.

What can you feel? Are you lost… disappointed… pointless…

…so you start searching – why won’t you think about one of the ways I want to tell you about?

  • You can live in the world like you have lived so far. There is nothing you change outside of you but you can keep yourself calm inside, no matter what happens to you. Your calmness comes straight from your unmoved exercised mind so now there are no stressful, disturbing or harmful situations you should be afraid of. You keep your balance surrounded by the others falling into panic. You find the simplest solutions invisible for the ones who lost their calmness.
  • You play different roles: you run your business, you work, you are parent, child, friend for many people but deep inside you know who you really are. You stay in contact with yourself – you no longer compare yourself to the others, there are no complexes and no anxiety related to your image. Your family, friends, customers and business partners feel like themselves whenever they are close to you. Your relationships flourish as they are based on openness and trust. Your business flourishes too, even though now you are much more distanced from professional issues.
  • You live mindfully and you have access to your intuition: you know the rules you should follow to make coherent decisions, you are permanently self-confident. Each moment is the opportunity to notice something filling you with energy, you see reality as a whole and stay in contact with the most meaningful things in your life.

‘Technologies of Mindfulness’ is about the practice of aware presence. There are several methods showing you how you can go beyond your ego which is the reason behind most of our fears, stresses and damaging thoughts. This is also a universal model of practical spirituality adapted to the Western civilization people’s minds. This energizing adventure will help you to determine your own possibilities.

Day 1
Module 1-2 Religions: Learn about the assumptions, philosophies and rituals of three main religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Identify their common parts and take the pure essential wisdom coming from each of them to enrich your awareness.
Module 3-4 Buddhism: leave the Western person’s perspective and discover the spirituality coming from this wise exotic culture.
Day 2
Module 1 Meditation: the most quickly developing management tool. It will give you thinking discipline, increase your concentration and keep you calm whenever you face any challenge.
Module 2-3 Yoga and tai-chi: Full self-development means the holistic one, this is why you should check the exercises regarding your body practice to learn how your moves may help you to find your inner peace and wake your energy.
Module 4 Shamanism and different levels of awareness: America is the source of many unique techniques increasing your ability of intuitive perception. Exercising them you will gain amazing methods of making right decisions but you will also discover your own source of inner wisdom.
Day 3
Module 1 Working with dreams: since the ancient times our dreams were additional information channel showing us what happens inside of us. Discovering the secrets of your dreams, you will know about the subconscious reasons hidden behind your actions, you will be also able to improve them or swap for the better ones.
Module 2 Prayer: devote yourself to something bigger than you and experience deep integration through humble act of supplication and thanksgiving.
Module 3 Hypnosis: you will learn what trance is and how you can start the spiritual journey into your soul. This is a unique chance to get closer to yourself and contact your intuition.
Module 4 Mindfulness: the rich introduction will be followed by the knowledge of four cornerstones of practical mindfulness. Thanks to them you will enter the path of full life, watching your life without emotions but with outstanding empathy and clear reception of the real information to make sure that your decisions will always be the right ones.

You will set yourself free of
You will set yourself free of
recurring doubts and hesitation

restrained emotions and your own restrictions

depressive and pessimistic attitude
You will discover
You will discover

how to be here and now to enjoy your life at full extent

how to use your own potential and resources

how to efficiently practice achieving the higher states of awareness

You will learn
You will learn

how to build your positive attitude

how to work with your intuition

how to live with high energy

Brand new twenty-seven days long e-learning

Starting right after the end of our three days long stationary training

  • You will create the habits and successfully implement everything you have learned during the training - and even more!
  • You will go through about twenty minutes long daily training sessions with Mateusz Grzesiak
  • You will receive professionally recorded videos with Mateusz Grzesiak describing different exercises or presenting them on his guests
  • You will use the matrices attached to the videos – you will fill them to implement your new skills, step by step.
Networking – gain your business value

Gain new business contacts you will use to find your future employees, partners or customers… during the training.

You will use networking: moderated information and contacts exchange between the participants of the training – this group has enormous business potential with several representatives of different companies present during each of our training sessions.

It means meeting dozens of new people able to help you now or later!

Profits of networking:

  • Your business database will be increased according to the rules of networking
  • You will take part in the networking game to gain optimal amount of information and contacts
  • You will learn how to use your contacts and convince them to support you with their recommendations
  • You will receive networking list allowing you to contact all the people taking part in networking.


  • For people who have achieved professional fulfillment but are yet to find their individual path – you will discover how many ways are there ahead of you and choose the one which serves your spiritual growth better than the others
  • For people experiencing identity crisis – if you don’t know who you are or who you want to be and you can’t see the meaning of the life you have been living so far, this training will help you to solve this crisis
  • For anyone interested in spirituality issues – what is special in this training is showing spirituality in the form acceptable for the Western civilization people’s minds. It also shows how to use specific techniques in certain social contexts like workplace, family relations or personal self-development.
  • For people feeling stressed, experiencing information chaos – the techniques you will be taught will calm your minds down and fade your inner dialogues out. This will make you feel calm and naturally focused.
  • For experts, managers, company owners who are interested in increasing their efficiency and self-agency combined with increasing the level of their professional life
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