Psychology of Marketing


Learn about the mechanisms of influencing people to become efficient persuader, able to resist manipulation and increase the area of your influences

Are you into shopping? Communication? Do you take care about your private and business relations? You can’t afford not knowing these techniques.

We all know the situations when we have offered someone (our partner, friend, stranger, customer or group) a right solution only to have it… rejected because of the other person’s hesitations.

What happened then? It was so obvious that your idea would solve the problem! So where did the resistance come from?

Well… everyone has his or her own way to get himself or herself convinced to some ideas – all you must do is know these ways!

The coaches study defensive mechanisms customers use to avoid changing their lives for the better. Salesmen check the buying styles optimal for their customer. Marketers check the psychography and demography of their target group. The leaders check the scenes or management, the personality types and…

…they all need to know the mechanism of social influence to be sure that their recipients understood them correctly and accepted their offers.

If you don’t know these mechanisms you won’t earn their trust and you will see your offer rejected once again. No need to wonder. Efficient mass media, using amassed persuasive information sensitized people to avoid letting the others convince them. Being more distrustful means being more vulnerable to wrong choices. And so we get stuck in this vicious circle.

The only solution is full awareness of how Psychology of Influence works and how we can use it properly.

This is why we have created training called ‘Behavioriks’ – supposed to give you the newest and most efficient tools to use in the three areas described below.

Day 1
Module 1 Introduction – ten rules of Psychology of Influence. You will know ultimate answers to the question of how you should influence people to achieve your goals and in which conditions you should use certain models to make them work. Having finished this module you will have no more doubts and one hundred percent of knowledge how to use all these tools to influence people properly.
Module 2-3-4 Sophismata: discover the reason of your lost discussions and wrong shopping, personal, relationship and life choices. These three modules will teach you about fifteen cunning logical tricks pretending to be true, tricks which interrupt your decision-making. You will be able to overcome them to make sure they will never fool you again.
Day 2
Module 1 Metamodel: Are you ready to learn about the unique power of questions used in the Psychology of Influence? Understanding what they are, what are generalizations, removals and disruptions, you will gain deep understanding of the other person’s and your target group’s needs and you will be able to lead them through the process of convincing themselves to your solutions. No pushing. Step by step. Until you get there.
Module 2-3 Milton’s model: it is the rich source of many persuasion models used in modern copywriting, neuromarketing, therapy and coaching. It will help you to achieve outstanding results, drawing people’s attention precisely using tools like suggestions or presuppositions.
Module 3 Sleight of Mouth: It’s a linguistic vehicle taking you to the place where you will immediately overcome any hesitation and counter-arguments making you able to change your coaching customers’ attitudes. It is very simple in use as it is enough to filter each reason or belief through the matrix containing up to twenty answers. Adapt it – answer – convince.
Day 3
Module 1 Archetypical matrices: in personal branding (really efficient strategy of creating the strategy of your personal brand promotion) everything starts with choosing an archetype. It will help you to earn your target recipients’ trust immediately.
Module 2 Storytelling matrices: Telling stories is the oldest and most efficient form of sharing human experiences so it strongly influences decisions we make. In this module you will learn how you can use this sophisticated matrix to create catchy tories you may use to promote your ideas, products and services. People will keep repeating them until they get viral increasing the range of your influence. 
Module 3 Creating your personal story: use the storytelling methods to build your own legend based on the facts from your life. It increases the level of trust for you as the person and everything you may offer. You will learn how to use this tool to make your perfect reputation reach your recipients ahead of you and help you to build successful personal and professional relations.
Module 4 The matrix of building prestige: whatever the charismatic speaker says is always very persuasive so there are nine factors you must know to build your prestige in the Internet, in the group you are supposed to manage, in your customer’s and business partner’s eyes – whenever you will need it. 

You will learn about
You will learn about

Mechanisms of social influence

persuasive linguistic model

personal branding methods

You will build
You will build

your prestige

your own legend

your personal brand

You will become
You will become

aware of your choices


recognizable for your target group

Brand new twenty-seven days long e-learning

Starting right after the end of our three days long stationary training

  • You will create the habits and successfully implement everything you have learned during the training - and even more! 
  • You will go through about twenty minutes long daily training sessions with Mateusz Grzesiak
  • You will receive professionally recorded videos with Mateusz Grzesiak describing different exercises or presenting them on his guests
  • You will use the matrices attached to the videos – you will fill them to implement your new skills, step by step.
Networking – gain your business value

Gain new business contacts you will use to find your future employees, partners or customers… during the training.

You will use networking: moderated information and contacts exchange between the participants of the training – this group has enormous business potential with several representatives of different companies present during each of our training sessions.

It means meeting dozens of new people able to help you now or later!

Profits of networking:

  • Your business database will be increased according to the rules of networking
  • You will take part in the networking game to gain optimal amount of information and contacts
  • You will learn how to use your contacts and convince them to support you with their recommendations
  • You will receive networking list allowing you to contact all the people taking part in networking.


  • For managers and company-owners – in your everyday work you must inspire your team with new plans and projects. Here you will find proper tools to achieve the communicative effect of positive reception.
  • For specialists influencing people professionally, e.g. salesmen, negotiators, copywriters – to shorten the process of decision-making, overcome any counter-arguments and precisely achieve the goals set ahead of your copywriting.
  • For everyone looking for protection from manipulation, e.g. sales experts, Human Resources specialists and all of us playing the roles of customers – being aware of the social influence mechanisms will help you to recognize the conscious and subconscious moves the other people make to convince you to accept their solutions. Knowing them
  • you will be able to make a wise and unbiased decision.
  • For coaches – just imagine that you can immediately overcome each of your coachee’s restricting beliefs, see all of the defensive mechanism your coachees may use to avoid changing their lives. This will let you always be a couple of steps ahead of them. 
  • For personal trainers – the most difficult questions won’t be difficult anymore as you will perfectly understand the intention hidden behind them. Understanding it you will be able to address it at many levels. You can also educate your target group in the manner they aren’t aware of making them remember all the knowledge you have put into correctly chosen metaphors and quotations.
  • For people requiring aware and professional building of their personal brand in the Internet – you will learn about efficient tool of building your reputation meaning all your online contacts preceding real meetings will start building your prestige and their trust for you. Having such background all your business meetings will go smoothly.
  • For the enthusiasts looking for psychological knowledge - the first side of the coin is the amazing knowledge you will gain. The second side is an opportunity to learn it from a person who understands it at the domestic and international level, being enriched by the conclusions coming coming from observing influencing processes in more than one hundred different cultures.
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