Dream Body

Psychology of Body

Dream Body

Learn how to manage your body to increase the level of your vitality, be fit and healthy

Your body is the total of your thoughts and experiences programming your brain

How does this programming affect you? Are you happy with your image, weight, fitness, daily energy? Are you controlling your eating habits or maybe remorse or energetic downfall following the meals are ones of them?

Finally… are you aware what an important tool your body is?

It is with you every day and every night, you take it wherever you go… to work and then back home. You can feel warmness or coldness through it, it informs you about discomfort and pleasure, well, all these usual things you got used to… This is something you have and it works somehow… but you forgot about an essential question: HOW does it work? Are you happy with it? How will it look like in ten or twenty years if you won’t have your lifestyle changed?

Your body gives you many possibilities. Did you know that you can:

  • Effortlessly prolong your life for another dozen of years – having this time just for you, what are the things you would like to experience?
  • Make your body much more attractive within weeks – who will you amaze with your new image?
  • Increasing your vitality you will gain more hours of energy during a day so you will be able to use them as you want: playing with your child, focusing on your professional career or hobby – what will you gain thanks to them?
  • You can improve your health with changing just one or two habits (feeling no real loss!) – what kind of feelings will disappear from your body?
  • You may lose several pounds of your weight (some of the participants have lost up to seventy pounds, regaining their health and fitness) and make it permanently – how much easier is your life going to be?
  • Make yourself feel really great and amazingly fit – what kind of life are you going to live then?

To achieve all these goals you need your ‘Dream Body’ which is the combination of awareness, right attitude and efficient actions. I will show you three best methods regarding your body: psychology of nutrition, psychology of sport and mental work you will need to gain control over your body and gain more reasons to feel proud.

Day 1
Module 1 Introduction: ten rules of Sport and Nutrition Psychology. This is the powerful frame around your new beautiful body. Ten simple commandment which will stay in your memory and your muscles and change your body’s gear.
Module 2 Basic nutrition rules. Only the most important guidelines, without unnecessary complication and the overload of information. Practically and directly – so the next lunch you will have will be the proper one!
Module 3-4 Defining your needs and building your individual diet. No more ‘One size fits all’ thinking. You are the one who decides and you build your individual plan. Do you want to build your muscles or lose some fat? Do you want to gain some high quality energy you need for your intellectual work? Or do you want to eat, regain your health and be sure that whatever you eat will extend your life?
Day 2
Module 1 Defining your body’s goals and needs: What is your attitude? Are you getting ready to become professional triathlonist? Are you just going to be fit? Do you want to make sport your lifestyle and have all its advantages accessible for you as the side-effect? Knowing all the available options and the trainer ready to support you, you will decide what you need to turn sport into your second nature.
Module 2 Managing your body – keeping right posture affects your emotional state and the way the others perceive you. Your breath may affect the pace of your heart beating, the level of your relax, it may also generate some additional energy for you. Having this module finished you will be able to control your body, improving your well-being and image at the same time.
Module 3-4 Choosing right discipline: this choice will decide if you will keep your body moving. What is good for me, doesn’t have to be good for you, so not all the disciplines will support your fullest development. Choose it awarely, remembering about your goals, physical predispositions, time restrictions and logistical issues. You will learn how to fit your chosen discipline into your life and develop it. 
Day 3
Module 1 How should you think about eating, exercises and your body? You will learn how to eat awarely with your body and stop eating erratically with your mind, how to forget about all the credible excuses for avoiding exercises and stop abusing your body with your internal dialogues to be once again able to look at it in an unbiased and comfortable manner.
Module 2 Habits: just think about life where you don’t have to avoid sweets and kebab stands to stop eating unhealthy food. Finally you will be able to show your strong will and decide about your choices. And the choice you make will be always the best one for your health and general well-being.
Module 3 How to motivate yourself? Whenever you will need another doze of exercises, there will be some motivational techniques ready to support you. Feeling that there are no excuses, inner resistance or procrastination increases your self-confidence you will use in the aspects of relationship and professional career.
Module 4 Emotions: how to stop influencing your emotional state with eating and start using free methods without unhealthy calories. In this module you will learn about the techniques of improving your emotional state.

You will overcome
You will overcome

recurring temptation of unhealthy eating

erroneous approach toward dieting and exercises

negative approach toward your own body

You will discover
You will discover

all the assets and positive aspects of your appearance

the knowledge of the necessary techniques and tools

the sources of your own vitality and ways to strengthen it

You will learn
You will learn

how to exercise and eat efficiently

how to avoid losing control over your body

how to get and keep the desired shape

Brand new twenty-seven days long e-learning

Starting right after the end of our three days long stationary training

  • You will create the habits and successfully implement everything you have learned during the training - and even more!
  • You will go through about twenty minutes long daily training sessions with Mateusz Grzesiak
  • You will receive professionally recorded videos with Mateusz Grzesiak describing different exercises or presenting them on his guests
  • You will use the matrices attached to the videos – you will fill them to implement your new skills, step by step.
Networking – gain your business value

Gain new business contacts you will use to find your future employees, partners or customers… during the training.

You will use networking: moderated information and contacts exchange between the participants of the training – this group has enormous business potential with several representatives of different companies present during each of our training sessions.

It means meeting dozens of new people able to help you now or later!

Profits of networking:

  • Your business database will be increased according to the rules of networking
  • You will take part in the networking game to gain optimal amount of information and contacts
  • You will learn how to use your contacts and convince them to support you with their recommendations
  • You will receive networking list allowing you to contact all the people taking part in networking.


  • For people complaining about their image and trying to learn how to look better. If you want to be slimmer, strengthen your muscles, look better in your clothes and start smiling when standing in front of the mirror – this training will surely help you.
  • For people not determined enough to reach for the desired results regarding their body – now you will work within specific frames and you will know the power of effortless healthy habits 
  • For people lacking energy to act – this is unique opportunity to regain your vitality. Once you start this training, the skills of improving your vitality will stay with you forever.
  • For people trying to improve their health – passive lifestyle and damaging diet are reasons behind many diseases. We all know how important sports and healthy eating habits are but… we need this training to start implementing this knowledge into our lives.
  • For professional athletes and personal trainers – this training is thirty-days long process showing you psychological relations between sports and nutrition. Even if know everything about these topics, you will still be able to learn about many useful techniques you will use to increase the efficiency of your work with your customers.
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